Spoiled Princess Phone Sex (800) 601-6975





Spoiled Princess Phone Sex (800) 601-6975


Phone Sex with a Spoiled Princess

You Love to Spoil and I Love to be Spoiled


You took one look at my photos and knew you had found the Spoiled Princess of your dreams. I am a beautiful, young, sensual woman who is used to getting what she wants. Sometimes, what I want is your full attention. Other times, what I demand is tribute in the form of money and gifts. A quick perusal of my wish list will show you that I enjoy and expect the best. That is to say, no rhinestones and fast food for this pampered Princess. You wanted phone sex with a Spoiled Princess, and now here you are. Are you ready?


Intelligent Princess


In particular, prepare yourself to see diamonds, designer clothing, travel, hedonistic pleasures, and even sexy cars on this Princess’ list of desires. Between those items, you will find books, underscoring the fact that your Princess is not just a pretty face. She also has a first-rate mind.

Undoubtedly, it is fate that you should find me here. You love to spoil your Cock Tease Princess in every way she desires. An average woman would not know how to handle that kind of devotion, to be sure. Of course, I take it as my due. You will treat me as your perfect, adored Princess or I will move my gaze elsewhere. What is wonderful is that you understand our relationship. As long as you show me total adoration, I will welcome you into my presence and give you my precious attention when you call for phone sex with me.


Total Adoration Gets My Attention


To be honest, this is likely the only way you can get a woman like me to pay you any meaningful attention. I find that amusing and am drawn to your puppy-like devotion. You feed my self esteem and I feed yours. Some would describe what we have as a symbiotic relationship. I describe it as kismet. After all, when I’m happy, you get to be happy; fair is fair.

You are aware of how turned on you get when you prove your adulation of me. Buying the most expensive items on my wish list for me, leaving me tribute after tribute when you call in, and of course, calling me every chance you get. Your pulse is racing, and your cock says to go full steam ahead. I say listen to your cock. I am worth it.

Your esteem is richly rewarded with my attention. That is something I know you crave. It is here, waiting for you to earn it. Your shows of dedication bring you to the center of my focus. There, you bask in my beauty, my intelligence, my quick wit, and unabashed sensuality. To be sure, the very air around me vibrates with eroticism. Consequently, you are happy to pay the price to stay in this rarefied environment.


Spending Time with Princess is a Privilege to be Earned


I love that you understand the privilege of spending time with a true Princess. A stunning woman who knows her worth and will accept nothing less than the best. It is not all about money and gifts, but a smart man like you is quick to see that those things are the fast track to being Princess’ favorite. That is something you desperately want.

Without reservation, show me that you deserve my time. Explicitly prove to me that you know the value of a spoiled Princess. There is surely no profit in delay; but there is a great deal of pleasure awaiting you, if you play your cards right.


Princess is waiting. 800 496 0250


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