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When I’m Happy, You Get to be Happy


I like money and all it will buy. Luckily, I’m a very pretty girl in my early twenties, so I can make rich men do whatever I want. Right now, I’m living with this guy in his fifties. He’s got tons of money and showers me with gifts. He makes me so happy…so I make sure that I keep him really happy, satisfied and interested. I make sure to let him know that as long as he keeps the gifts coming to me, I’ll keep doing those things he loves in bed…and in the car…and in the shower…

When I say things like that, his eyes get glassy and his cock gets hard. I have so much power over him. But he likes it that way. He wants a “take charge” kind of girl. He says that he spends his days telling others what to do, so his favorite thing is to come home to a beautiful woman who will make the decisions for him. So I do.

His family does not like me, which probably has something to do with the fact that I’m two years younger than his daughter. They call me a gold digger and I laugh and say that it’s not gold I’m looking for. It’s palladium I want. That just irritates them, but I don’t give a shit. I know that he loves me in his way and will take care of me as long as I tell him that I’m in charge and not at all scared of them. He just has to remember how bad he wants me, and then do what it takes to keep me happy.


The Tease


When we’re alone at home, I walk around naked and really get him going. Then I make him stop and do something else. I always let him cum—eventually. Sometimes I make the game last all day or longer. Sometimes I have sex with him without making him wait, right there on the dining room table. I just always mix it up and keep him guessing. I make up games for him to play with his cock; he really can’t resist playing my games. The first time I approached him with an assignment I thought he was going to pass out. He told me that I was the most uninhibited and unique woman he’d ever met. Unsurprisingly, he enjoyed the games so much that he thanked me with a diamond tennis bracelet. He keeps me happy so he gets to be happy. It’s as simple as that.

Someone asked me if I would leave him if he didn’t give me things or let me use his credit cards. The answer is, “Yes.”  I firmly believe that I was not meant to be poor or even middle class in this life. I feel like I’m spending the best years of my life with him and sharing my bed with him. At the very least, my man can keep me in high style. He knows that he won’t ever regret it.


The Payoff


He says that he’s addicted to sex with me. I tell him that I’m addicted to his lifestyle and money. We have a mutual agreement, so how is that screwing him, as his family is always accusing me of doing? I think it freaks them out that we are honest with each other about what we expect out of our relationship. We don’t lie and say we love each other and shit. He wants arm candy that will dominate him and tease him and screw him until he screams. I give him that.  And me, I want to live the life of a rich woman with cars and furs and lots of money. I feel like that’s an even trade between us. We both get value out of our arrangement.

The hardest thing I do for him is go to his boring business parties. They even bore him, so he understands. But even though I hate them, he never expects me to wear the same cocktail dress twice and I always get new jewelry to go with the new dress. We have a written agreement that I get to keep everything that he’s given me in our time together. That means that the Jag is in my name and I can keep all the clothes and jewelry. I always tell him (as a joke, of course) that in the event of our breakup, he gets to keep the ball gag and a pair of my panties in remembrance of me. That always makes him laugh.

I don’t see why more women don’t have arrangements like ours. It keeps everything so uncomplicated. My lifestyle allows me to focus on the things that are important in my relationship, like making my man happy. I wouldn’t live my life any other way.


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