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 Why Men Love Spoiling Me


Why do men like to spoil me? I have a few ideas about the answer to that question. But first I must say that if you want to be spoiled by a man, you must expect to be spoiled and give him a very good reason to do so. I have always known that I wanted to be spoiled. Therefore, I have organized my life so that it is the predictable outcome. I only choose rich men. Honestly, only a man of means can truly spoil a woman in the correct way. I may have loved lesser men, but in the end my mind overrules my heart and body and selects the higher bank balance. Furthermore, I have found that the fatter the man’s wallet, the easier it is to overlook the man’s flaws.

I actually loved a poor man once. He was my first love. But I soon realized that I loved the finer things in life more than I loved him.  And his tiny apartment and economy car. I looked around and knew that I was destined for a bigger, better life than he was ever going to have. This was a guy who just wanted a job and enough money to buy a house and a minivan so his wife and family would be comfortable. I did not want to be part of that snapshot. After that, there have only been rich men for me. After all, the ‘princess’ part of being a cocktease princess is the important bit. That being said, why do men like to spoil me?


Men Spoil Me Because I’m Beautiful


You know those girls who turn heads when they walk into a room? I’m one of those. I could’ve been a model, but why? I want someone else to take care of me. Modeling is way too much work, in my opinion. But if you must know, I’m almost six feet tall and thin. I have really long blond hair and even longer legs. While I refuse to model professionally, I have taken classes and learned how to move like a professional. I have poise and grace.

If a rich man has a choice between a beautiful woman and an ugly to average one, which woman is he going to choose, realistically? You got it. I believe that if a girl wants to be spoiled, especially by a rich man, she needs to become something they want and need.  And everyone knows that rich men need beautiful women, even if it’s just for arm candy.


I’m Good At What I Do


They also spoil me because I make them feel young. Any man in his fifties or beyond wants to have a pretty girl in his life and his bed.  So, I make the men I’m with feel like they’re back in their twenties. I tell them they look good (even if they don’t) and make sure that they know I want them around. I show them good music and fast food and teach them current slang.

Most of my boyfriends have hated what I’ve shown them and failed miserably at the slang, which is why I’ve also learned how to be a lady in their world. I’ve learned to play chess (even though it bores me senseless) and also how to make polite conversation. Although I really hate cocktail parties, I attend them without complaint because, no matter who I’m with, they all like to show me off to their old friends and their ugly, jealous wives. Because I’m good at what I do, my boyfriends usually reward me with diamonds for a really good performance at a boring party.


Because I Am Sexy


That leads me to my last point. I think this one is obvious. Men love to spoil me because I am good in bed. I have no inhibitions and like to be in charge in bed. That way, I catch them somewhat off guard about if and when I will share their bed again. I let them know that having sex with me is a privilege that might not always be there when they want it. This way they always strive to keep me happy and I always keep them satisfied.

This is why men spoil me. I have had several men in my life and all have kept me in lavish fashion. When it comes time for me to go, they always let me keep the Rolex and the cars and the jewelry. No matter how it ends or why it ends, I always let them think that I had the best time with them. That isn’t always true. Sometimes I’ve had an awful time and stayed only long enough to be able to justify keeping the gifts. But that is another story.

So now you’ve heard my spoiled princess confessions; ready to take me on a date? I hope you can afford to spoil me, too.


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