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Diary entry: Thursday, May 24th

Dear Diary,
Today, my boyfriend took me out on an expensive lunch and asked me if I would finally give him that blow job I've been telling him I'm so awesome at! He hasn't had one yet from me, but I constantly tell him how so many boys before him told me that I was the best. I told him if he buys me that diamond bracelet I've been eyeing at the jewelry store, I'd give in and give it to him!

I know that he will do it.

Everytime he's wanted to see parts of my body ... I've told him that I'm worth more than just giving him a flash. I deserve it. He knows he must spoil me rotten before I give him a glimpse, a touch, or even a sexual thrill that has to do with my body. I have received jewelry, expensive clothes and money to do lots of shopping.

I have been spoiled by men all my life ... and everyone thinks I'm an angel. Truth is, I just love it when men spoil me and I flirt and tease them like crazy just so I can get my way.

It isn't just about getting me presents though or spending money. It's treating me like a princess, and if a guy does treat me like one, he gets the sexual thrill of his life.

Truth is, I deserve to get treated like a princess and I usually get my way. Now, I am going to take a bubble bath because my boyfriend will be here any minute to help give me one, and that massage I know he's so good at !