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Hello Loyal Subjects.

It is I, Her Royal Highness Princess Alina Sky.

As you know from reading about me, I am a direct descendant of the Austro-Hungarian Duel Monarchy Empire. And so I do have Royalty in my Veins, Titles and Attitude to match.

If you've had any experience with spoiled princesses, in the past you might be aware of how demanding we are. Our high maintenance existence however, actually catapults YOU to be the best man you can be.

If you can meet our demands and our standards, rest assured that you can thusly be equipped to meet any other life challanges that arise.

A Spoiled Princess, Like Myself, with True Royal Lineage, has high standards for HERSELF as well as for you, a loyal subject. Are you daunted and overwhelmed? Are you turned on and fascinated in equal measure? Delightful!

Only the best of the best are chosen to worship and spoil a true Princess such as myself and the rewards for all your hard work and submission, loyalty and devotion, are WELL WORTH it.

A Spoiled Princess is never truly tamed, nor is she ever yours to possess, but you already know this. You can, however, aspire to be in her inner circle of her favorites, and the more you spoil and admire her, dedicate your devotions and shower her with gifts and tributes, the more you will be able to reap all the royal rewards.

To bask in a spoiled princess' affections is a true walk in the Divine. Her attentions upon you are like the sweet sun that glows with sparkle and delights on a perfect spring day.

You will feel very proud when winning a Princess approval. An honor such as this is not easily gained or given.


Sometimes it is necessary for you to grovel and subject yourself to the razor sharp sting of a Spoiled Princess Humiliation treatment. You know you need it, and it will help you recognize your lowly place in the world. And rest assured Spoiled Princess Alina Sky, has made many men crumble with crushing humiliation at her feet, and come back for more.


Her Royal Highness, Spoiled Princess Alina Sky, has the sharp intellect and capabilities, afforded her by a remarkably extensive education by the best tutors her family could acquire. Well traveled and luxuries savvy, Princess Alina will astound you with her keen intuition and allure, which will mesmerize you and enchant your ever sense and need. For you see, a True Princess knows the value of worship and devotion, of letting you, her loyal subject, escape into the magnificence of her secret palace.

A land of true magical splendor awaits you. Princess Alina Sky will allow you to earn the privilege of sharing her Palace, her dazzling mind, her untamed spirit, and maybe, her very mysterious heart.

This is the Palace you've been looking for. This is the Princess you wish to adore.

Let The Royal Games Begin.

I am Spoiled Princess Alina Sky.

Welcome to my Palace of untold mysteries, curious challenges, and tantalizing hidden pleasures. Step forward, and prove you are worthy; I'm ready for you! Spoil and delight me. It is your very destiny.

Welcome To The Alina Sky Spoiled Princess Palace Experience. XoX~