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Go on then, you have my permission to razzle-dazzle, bejewel and bestow upon me everything I could want as the apple of your eye. I will gladly let you put me high on a pedestal even if I have to walk all over you to reach it. It seems this is an easy role for me to fill ?born to play the part and a natural little tease tart pulling your heartstrings like a master puppeteer.

I can hardly believe I'm saying this but you see, many, many moons ago, once upon a time, I was the good girlfriend that did everything a guy could want. I went above and beyond what it takes to please a man, and instead of any of them taking my hand ?they just took me for granted.

So, never again, I learned new rules of the game and play to win. So brace yourselves fellas. I'm impossible to please?but I suppose you can try if it makes you feel better. After all, I am still an ardent people-pleaser so if that means letting you lavish me to your heart?s content, I will oblige you whole-heartedly. There are many ways in which you can attempt to appease me ?but don't say I didn't warn ya that I'm a tempest of a temptress!