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2.75 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+


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Playtime with this Spoiled Princess is an invitation to surrender

Surrender to the bliss of being wrapped around my fingers; knowing that for as long as I want you, you're mine. You've lusted over firm young curves for so long, you can't remember a time when you didn't feel the sweet burn of desire coupled with a touch of shame & the sweet sting of humiliation...You know pursuing a teasing little minx like me is flirting with disaster, but you can't help yourself.

You crave having a young, beautiful Girl to belong to

To Pamper, indulge, and adore. You know you're not the only one who wants me. You know you're not the only man eager for my attention, my affection..and perhaps that's why you're so devoted. In me, you see the living embodiment of perfection. You must have me...even though you know I've never been caught. Even though you know every man who's tried wound up caught instead; sweet toys for me to play with whenever the mood strikes me. You're aware I could have any man I want with a snap of my fingers, but you want me to want you--and you're willing to do anything to make it happen.

Show me just how far you're willing to go to spoil me

Serve me, please me, satisfy me; and know that if you fail, I'll happily focus my attention on punishing your disappointing hide instead--or better yet, find someone else to spoil me until you've learned to do it properly. I'm an insatiable, playful, and rather diabolical Pricktease Princess with a wicked, sinfully sensual imagination--and I know exactly how to get what I want. For the pleasure of hearing my voice, the ability to feel young again with me in your arms, in your bed, by your side...the erotic thrill of knowing that just for a few moments, I'm all yours--you'll do anything I want.

I love rewarding sweet toys who please me

Whether that's through charming your boss to give you that promotion, making you the envy of every man at the country club, letting you bask in the warmth of my affection...or something more risque. The pull of my lips is so sweet, the feel of my body moving against yours is so good, you don't even care that I'm more than a little wicked--That every reward, every stolen moment, wraps you tighter around my fingers. I'll tease that cock for my amusement, guiding you to the edge of desire over and over again before finally letting all that glorious spiraling tension claw it's way up your cock into an explosive orgasm...or maybe I'll just deny you. After all, nothing worth having can be obtained without effort--and I'll certainly enjoy listening to yours as you stroke your cock for my pleasure, as you beg and plead and moan...until you finally earn that earth shaking climax. The sounds you make when I let you stroke yourself into oblivion are music to my ears.

Isn't it about time you found out just how intense the joys of surrendering to a sexy, sensual, and endlessly creative Spoiled Princess can truly be?