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I'm Britany from San Fernando, and I'm true to the tradition of a valley girl Princess. French manicures, beach tans, shopaholic material girl , Hollywood parties, spoiled rotten little daddie's girl, and a totally sexy instigator. I like to dish out Princess attitude valley girl style. You could be looking for a sweet Princess , a whiny Princess, a sexy Princess, or a prom Queen Princess. Well I assure you, I have been all of these but now I have graduated to a bitchy and dominant Princess. I owe it all to my sexy mentor who taught me how to tease and humiliate older guys like you . Guys who drool and grovel at my feet.

You love a little spoiled brat to tease and humiliate you until you cry don't you boy. Hah...I'm not so little! I'm almost 6' tall , and if you can imagine me towering over you in stiletto heels barking orders and demands at you, then you have found the right Princess. Getting a little stiffie there guy?

My absolute favorite guys are the semi-man sissies that I tease because they are so hot to please me and be like me. I make them as slutty as possible so I can humiliate them with sissy goes to the mall assignments. They're fun in other ways too, like making them up, stuffing them in skinny jeans and ballet shoes, all while we are out shopping together. Often they are dying to be forced to suck cock, so I oblige them with real guys who don't care where their blowjobs come from.

My sexy mentor has taught me alot about cuckolds, cfnm dudes, pain sluts who like being pounded with a strap on, foot boy fetishist, and all kinds of submissives that need a good Princess to humiliate them and put them back on track. I'm so excited about these new discoveries that Auntie has tutored me in! She convinced me to take calls and learn more from pervies like you. (giggles).....it's fun...! Totally awesome...gag you with a dick....LOL