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Despite being somewhat soft spoken, I am a bratty little princess that enjoys being a real tease! I enjoy making men's cocks throb and then taking advantage of their, ummmm.... "predicament."

I enjoy wrapping you around my finger, getting all you kinky pervs so worked up that you can't help yourself and do ANYTHING I WANT! Especially when it comes to denying you what you want! I love being a cock tease!

Are you looking to rub on my pretty princess feet? Or perhaps you need this sexy princess to giggle at you while you stroke that erect penis?

It really doesn't matter. I am here to have to have fun with horny guys like you, no matter what they want!

If you are looking for a toe-curling, erotic phone session with a teasing princess who loves to have her way, I will give you that awesome experience you seek!


Spoiled Princess Phone Sex (800) 601-6975



How To Worship A Spoiled Princess


As you have probably already guessed, if you’re serving a Spoiled Princess, one of the most important things you can do is to keep her happy. If you don’t, there’s a very, very good possibility that she’ll get bored pretty quickly and move on to someone who can do a better job of pleasing her than you.

So what can you do in order to make sure that doesn’t happen and ensure that you’ve got a place as her pet for years to come?


Ways to Make Your Spoiled Princess Happy


Well, there are lots of ways, actually. Each Princess here at Spoiled Princess Palace has her own personality, of course, so it’s best to ask her what she likes best. But if she leaves it up to you to come up with something (or if you’re secretly hoping to serve me), then I offer you a few favorite ways my subs use to please me. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful and enlightening!

In many ancient civilizations, the monarchs and their children were viewed as gods and goddesses. The Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Emperors, Empresses, and so forth were all worshiped as earthly manifestations of Divinity. And if you want to be a good pet for your Princess, I suggest that you adopt this attitude yourself. Your Princess, whether me or another lady at the Palace, is a Goddess.  Absolutely treat her as such.

So how do you appease and please a Goddess? Through worship, obviously.


How to Worship Your Spoiled Princess


And how can you worship? Well, I suggest starting where most other religious organizations begin–with tithing!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you have to throw wads of cash at your Princess. You could, I suppose, but that’s a little…crass. Instead, why not shower her with gifts in place of money? It could be something that you’ve purchased or even something that you’ve made. Consider it similar to ritual sacrifices, only you won’t be lighting your offerings on fire once you’ve offered them to her.

There’s also body worship to consider. Showing your Princess Goddess that you’re completely devoted to her by worshiping every part of her is very important. My recommendation is to start on your knees, supplicating her, and begin your worship of her body at her feet. When you’ve lavished attention on every inch of her feet, you can work your way up slowly (with her permission, of course). This is an excellent way to show your utter devotion.


Give Your Cock to a Spoiled Princess


And, finally, identify other kinds of rituals, especially those that focus on self-denial. Since most men are very attached to their cocks and their orgasms, giving your cock over to your Princess in complete cock control is a great way to show her that her pleasure is more important to you than your own. Would you be willing to remain chaste the rest of your life to make her happy?

You can also atone for your sins via confession and doing penance, if you like. Personally, I find that humiliation is particularly effective!

Those are just a few things that you can think about when it comes to pleasing and appeasing your Princess Goddess. If you have any other ideas, I’d be more than happy to hear them.


The Spoiled Princesses are waiting, don’t disappoint us! 800 496 0250


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